The Power of Partnership

Whether your needs include bulk purchases of the highest quality California almonds at lowest wholesale prices for your food manufacturing operation, or whether your customers are individuals and families buying product at the retail store level, you will quickly appreciate the premium quality and return on investment of all of our almond products.

Contact DRC Farms today! We stand ready to work closely with you to determine your needs and to partner with you to insure that you consistently receive the premium quality and quantity of almonds your operaton requires.

 Call Us! 209.234.2004

 Call Us! 209.234.2004

As part of the Danny’s brand product line. DRC Farms Almonds have been part of our family’s farming legacy since the very beginning. 

For generations our family has worked diligently in our orchards to develop, improve and expand our yield to enable our Almond crop to serve the ever growing popularity and fill the ever-growing worldwide demand of this nutritional super-food of nature.

DRC Farms Almonds, is exceedingly proud of every almond we grow! 

Nurtured with care and brought from our orchards at the peak of perfection, our almonds are the main highlight ingredient of countless yummy recipies, or can be enjoyed by millions of health conscious folks as the utimate sweet and crunchy mega-nutritious super-food healthy snack.

The Central Valley of California is unrivaled for providing the perfect soil and perfect climate that almonds thrive on.

Call Us! 209.234.2004