We Grow People-Pleasing Pumpkins - from Our Cutest “Orange Minis” and “Wee-Bee-Little” Pumpkins

Up to Our Impressive Extra Large “Big Mac” and Denali Pumpkins . . . plus Every Size and Type in Between!

Orange Minis

NEW 2023 ITEM!

Mini Heirlooms

White Minis


Tiger Stripes


Long Stem Sparklers

Pie Pumpkins

White Pie Pumpkins

Mini Corn

Large Corn

Wheat Bunches

Basket Items

Mesh Bag Packs

Custom Printed Boxes


Variety is the spice of life ...
In this case, it’s the Pumpkin Spice of Life!

Our family has invested many generations of labor and love to grow and nurture a unique variety of pumpkin species to crown your holiday table and seasonal festive displays.

Pie Pumpkins

4-6 Lbs.

Small Pumpkins

SIZE A 7-12 Lbs.

Medium Pumpkins

SIZE B 13-17 Lbs.

Large Pumpkins

SIZE C 18-23 Lbs.

Extra Large Pumpkins

SIZE D 24-30 Lbs.

Big Mac Pumpkins

100-175 Lbs.

Exotic Heirloom Variety

8-15 Lbs.

White Pumpkins

8-12 Lbs.

We pride ourselves that diligent decades of growing and nurturing has enabled us to offer you a wide variety of pumpkin and unique gourd products to suit the demands of your busy buying public over the Holiday Season.